Corrosion Analysis - Canin+
Corrosion Analysis - Canin+

The fastest Instrument for Corrosion Analysis!

Corrosion can reduce the life span of reinforced concrete structures. Corrosion analysis with the Canin+ allows to locate the areas of actice corrosion precisely and thus helps to reduce the cost of corrective maintenance. 

Proceq's instrument for corrosion analysis offers the widest range of electrodes on the market, including the new 4-Wheel-Electrode. In addition to the half-cell potential method, the Canin+ offers the Wenner Probe for electrical resistivity measurement of concrete. This method has been empirically proven to give an estimate of the corrosion rate.

The Canin Provista software, inlcuded in this instrument for corrosion analysis, simplifies the evaluation of the measured data.

Rod Electrode
Corrosion Analysis - Canin+

The copper/copper sulphate electrode for corrosion analysis is ideal for localized measurements.

Best for measuring surface areas below 20m2 (200 sq. ft.)

Wheel Electrode
Corrosion Analysis - Canin+

The 1-Wheel Electrode allows for fast scanning of larger surfaces.

Best for corrosion analysis of horizontal areas up to 100m2 (1,000 sq. ft.) plus vertical and soffit areas

4-Wheel Electrode
Corrosion Analysis - Canin+

The 4-wheel Electrode for corrosion analysis provides the fastest measurement speed available.

Best for measuring large horizontal areas over 100m2 (1,000 sq. ft.)

Wenner Probe
Corrosion Analysis - Canin+

The Wenner probe measures the concrete’s electrical resisitivity, for further corrosion analysis.

Best for complementary diagnostics